Asus G53SX Laptop Memory Upgrade - Well Known Gaming King of its Time

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Some Important Aspects of Memory Upgrade of Asus G53SX Gaming Laptop

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Asus G53SX gaming laptop was a very well-known laptop in gaming circles since its release in 2011.

This 15-inches laptop normally came with minimum of 4GB ram which obviously was not what a gamer expects of a gaming computer to play games. But good thing about Asus G53SX laptop is that you can upgrade memory on Asus G53SX to maximum of 16GB which is a convenient amount of memory to play most games. When you compare this laptop to other laptops of its era like Lenovo Ideapad 305-15 or Dell Latitude E6430 or Dell Latitude E6530, this performed comparatively better considering when all were tested under same equal specifications of ram capacity, and ssd capacity.

Asus G53SX gaming laptop has the maximum memory upgrade capacity of 16GB meaning 4 memory modules of 4GB capacity each. This laptop has 4 memory upgrade slots and each ram slot can accommodate up to maximum of 4GB RAM module. Asus G53SX gaming laptop comes with the minimum of 4GB DDR3 SODIMM memory. Ram upgrade on Asus G53SX gaming laptop is not an easy simple process, but luckily nowadays you can find demo of almost everything online. Also, there are demo videos available online that tells you exactly how to go about the procedure of upgrading memory on this laptop. These demo videos show step by step process of ram upgrade. These will show you where the ram slots are located, and whether you need to disassemble motherboard or not depending on the memory slot location.

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