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Shopify, the game changer!

Posted by Rizwan Ullah on

Shopify powered $236 billion in GMV in 2023, outpacing the broader US retail market. In Q4, we did $2.1 billion in revenue and free cash flow was $446 million.Shopify’s velocity and determination is going to make our merchants unstoppable in 2024.Tonight on CNBC Harley Finkelstein talking about Shopify earnings 👇

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What is a Hard Disk Drive HDD?

Posted by Steve William on

A hard disk drive (HDD) or hard drive is normally located inside the computer body. It's a non-volatile data storage device where normally Operating System (OS) and data is stored by the user. This stored data can be retrieved anytime whenever user want to retrieve it. Hard Drive is normally available in many different capacities ranging from 40GB up to 16TB. A particular HDD has various parts as shown in the image below.      

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